About Us

Our Story

A successful project combines the vision of the designer with the practicality of the contractor (builder). When the designer and contractor are one and the same, as in design-build execution, the result is streamlined project communication and a sustained commitment to the needs of the project with a continuing focus on design excellence and quality craftsmanship. Many operating companies are looking for firms to provide single-source accountability for design-build execution and modular equipment fabrication to take advantage of these benefits. Also, they are looking to design-build execution to increase their “speed-to-market”, improve project quality, and reduce costs.

Aqueous Systems has been formed from the ground up to be a true design-build firm in order to fill a void in the industry and to meet the growing needs and desires of our clients. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a distinctive combination of education, training, and experience not often found in the typical A/E firm, contractor, or fabricator. Our “cross-trained” approach to project execution integrates all disciplines from concept development through functional performance. Whether it’s a custom designed system, a standard product, or consulting engineering services, we design, engineer, and construct every component with Commissioning, Qualification, and Ease of Operation in mind.

We pride ourselves on our true engineering & construction experience that equals more reliable designs, enhanced quality, optimized costs, and reduced project schedules for our clients. Our select staff of licensed engineers, certified project managers, designers, and construction professionals provides single-source accountability for integrating conceptual design with functional performance. From Concept to Completion, we partner with our clients for the best fit to meet their goals and objectives.

Our ability to utilize a combination of experience and vision to coordinate and manage the many separate, but interrelated elements of a project into a unified team progressing towards a common goal, provides our clients with true project integration and separates us in the industry.